LockDown Browser is now available in MasteryConnect for Windows, iOS devices, and iPads. This new features makes it easier than ever to identify what your students know and don’t know with full confidence that benchmark data is secure. And, the best part, LockDown Browser is included with your district’s MasteryConnect subscription.


As K-12 education continues to grow and change, it’s imperative that educators have assurance that their students are getting a secure online assessment experience. Because benchmarks should capture a student’s understanding and mastery of standards—not their internet-searching skills. This secure environment also mirrors end-of-level testing, giving students a familiar experience come end of the year.

If you’re a district administrator and you would like LockDown Browser for the upcoming benchmark season, please contact your Regional Education Consultant to activate it in your MasteryConnect account.

(Psst! Chromebook users! Secure your testing environment by downloading the Chromebook Kiosk App. Learn how.)

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