As a start-up company, there are many milestones to be reached. This past week, we reached a very important one here at MasteryConnect! Three of the leading institutions that fund education technology  led a round of investment in our company. The NewSchools Venture Fund is a non-profit venture philanthropy firm based in San Francisco that “raises philanthropic capital from both individual and institutional investors, and then use those funds to support education entrepreneurs who are transforming public education.” We’re very excited to join the NewSchools family of investments.  We’re also very excited about the investors that participated in this round including Learn Capital, ImagineK12, and an amazing group of angels who believed in us from the beginning.  Check out the press release if you’re interested. We were also featured in a FastCompany blog article this past week talking about the investment.

So what does this mean to you as a teacher and educator? It means MasteryConnect can continue to provide the  FREE learning community for teachers to share common assessments across the Common Core states!  It allows us to build the ‘next generation’ of assessments through great people like you…the teachers, curriculum people, and administrators sharing these great new assessments around the Common Core.  It allows us to grow as an organization to better serve your needs and respond quickly to build the features that you are requesting!  We’re excited about this next phase of growth and look forward to your input as we strive to serve you!

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