We’re excited to announce another major milestone at MasteryConnect…the launch of our new District Benchmarking product!  With MasteryConnect’s District Benchmarking, district administrators can securely and electronically distribute both district-created and publisher content directly to teachers.  Benchmarks automatically appear in teacher’s trackers ready to administer to students, saving all the distribution and scoring hassles of the past!  Teachers can utilize MasteryConnect’s built-in, time-saving assessment tools (GradeCam bubblesheet scanning, iPod/iPad, and browser-based scoring) to grade the benchmarks right from the classroom giving them immediate data and feedback.  Best of all, district benchmark data can be compared with a teacher’s formative data right from the MasteryTracker™.  If you’ve used a tool like Google Maps with the ability to “layer” traffic on top of your map, the benchmark comparison feature works in a similar fashion.  With one click, teachers can easily “layer” the results from a benchmark right on top of the formative data, making it easy to see changes in the mastery status.  With comparative data, teachers can easily track things like student retention or have new discussions and conversations around formative assessment rigor.  Your district will need to have premium access to MasteryConnect to add the District Benchmarking tools.  If you’re interested in learning about getting started in your district, contact us today! Check out the video demo below to see how it works!

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