Mastery-based learning. Formative assessment. Teacher collaboration.  To the team here at MasteryConnect, these are the most exciting words in the world.  We think about these concepts day and night.  People ask us all the time what MasteryConnect is all about, and so we wanted to find a way to quickly share with educators how MasteryConnect works and what makes us tick.  Last week we released a short, animated video that explains MasteryConnect “in a nutshell”.  The video stars three teachers all working to collaborate around formative assessment and mastery learning.  We think you might be able to relate!  We’d love for you to check it out and tweet, like, or pin it!

Since we began our partnership with Solution Tree, we have been on the conference circuit all summer.  It’s been really exciting to meet with hard-working educators from all over the country and “talk shop” about PLCs.  To keep the conversation going before, during, and after the conferences, we teamed up with some amazing educators and Dr. DuFour to create the video, What Educators Are Saying.


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