Featured Teacher:
Stephanie Morris

February 11th, 2019


Glenn Rogers

Each month we share the stories of dynamic educators who are using MasteryConnect in innovative ways to help students be their best! Follow along with our Featured Teacher series and get to know other teachers in the MC community.

Meet Stephanie Morris, she’s been teaching economics, government and history for 15 years. She currently teaches at Eau Claire High School in South Carolina and when she’s not in the classroom, she likes to unwind on the beach! She started teaching because she enjoys staying close to the community she was raised in. Keep reading to learn how she avoids burnout after all of her years in the classroom.


What grades have you taught?

What is your favorite activity outside of the classroom?
Relaxing at a beach

How do you avoid burnout?
Time management and not fretting over the little things. You have to be strict about your boundaries and know that there are only 24 hours in a day.

What keeps you excited about teaching?
When a student who has been struggling, finally gets it.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Never send an email while you’re angry.

If you could choose a “walk-on song” to be played every morning, what would it be?
Happy by Pharrell

What is your favorite book on education?
Shine by Edward Hallowell

What advice would you give a first-year teacher?
Hang on, it gets better.

If you weren’t a teacher, what kind of career would you have?
Possibly an economist or working a government job. I’ve also thought about being an entrepreneur in the tech arena.

What has been the most memorable moment in your teaching career so far?
Each first day and each graduation is just as memorable.

What is your favorite quote?
A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot – Joe Vitale

Tell us one of your goals for this year.
To get back in the right mindset to finish my dissertation.

What is your favorite MC Feature?
Trackers, they give you a snapshot of how well the students learned the standards.

What is one thing you want students to take away when they leave your classroom at the end of the year?
Learning doesn’t have to be hard.

What is your dream vacation?

Anything else you want to add about yourself?
I wasn’t always a fan of MasteryConnect. I looked at it like it was one more thing to do. Now I see the benefit and I don’t know what I would do without it.

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