The last three years have been a labor of love for the MasteryConnect team. We set out to provide teachers with a solution that would allow them to collaborate, create and share common assessments, and monitor student performance relative to standards. We have worked hard to respond to our user’s high expectation and continually evolve the tool to better meet their needs. We are incredibly excited about our latest release because it addresses one of our major goals and one of the most requested features from our users…the reporting of comparative data.  Here’s part I of how this new feature works with single standard assessments.  Check it out, then read-on!

As you can see from the video, teachers can now view reports of how their students have done and compare that data with the other classes they teach. Additionally, teams of teachers using the same assessment can now view an item analysis that includes all the students who took the test and can also compare student levels of mastery by class. The functionality of the new features allow teachers to truly use comparative data gathered from common assessments to inform their progress as a team. The new reports are designed to make it simple to gather and interpret core aligned student data.  Here’s part II that explains the new reports when using multi-standard or benchmark assessments:

We believe the addition of the comparative data reports will help teams more effectively target students in need of intervention and strengthen the conversations teacher are having in regard to all students’ progress. Teachers can find the reports option in the drop-down menu associated with an individual assessment (the same drop-down where you find the item analysis). We are especially grateful to all those teachers who take the time to share their thoughts and ideas on how we can better serve the MasteryConnect community!  As always, we’d love your feedback…Keep on Trackin’.

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