When we were invited to guest blog for Rick Hess, I knew I wanted to tell a cohesive story that would tie all three posts together around a simple theme: assessment.  The goal of the first post was to set the stage and clearly articulate our concerns about the volume of unnecessary tests being administered to students.  The second post was intended to identify and target specific problems.  At the same time, I wanted to set the stage for our final post by introducing the formative assessment process as a possible solution.  Friday’s post is an allegory using the building of a  “garden shed” to illustrate the learning and assessment process.  It was a real honor to contribute to  and be a part of the  Straight Up conversation.

Monday’s Blog: Is All This Testing Really Necessary?

Wednesday’s Blog: It Takes More Than a Minute to Win It

Friday’s Blog: Meaningful Assessment and the Garden Shed

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