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MasteryConnect Online PD has a library of instructional videos that will take you step by step through MC assessment and curriculum features. And, because Online PD is available on demand, you can learn anytime, anywhere!

Just click on any online PD link or icon in your MasteryConnect account. Then choose the videos and topics you would like to view.




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Please Stand By

October 21st, 2016


Hello All,

Some of you may have experienced widespread issues across the internet today. MasteryConnect, along with numerous popular sites, were affected by this outage.

“As of around 12 PM ET, Dyn says it’s investigating another DDOS attack, and is continuing to attempt to ‘mitigate’ the issue. Box, Twitter, and other sites appear to be down again. The White House press secretary has also said that the Department of Homeland Security is investigating the attacks.” – TechCrunch

These unexpected outages are not part of a site maintenance situation.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

– The MasteryConnect Team

Click here for more coverage on the issue:

Evidence Capture

October 17th, 2016

With Halloween on the horizon, nails on chalkboard isn’t the only classroom activity sending shivers down spines; students everywhere shudder when they hear: “Explain Why,” “Show Your Work,” and “Justify Your Answer.”

Fortunately, we ghosts and goblins at MasteryConnect believe that capturing evidence of student learning isn’t always as ghoulish as it sounds. Being able to show student thinking during performance-based assessments helps teachers personalize learning and target individual needs.

MasteryConnect’s new evidence capture feature for Teacher App makes it easy and fun for teachers to capture learning as it happens, wherever it happens using your iPad! Easily snap photos of student work and add notes during field trips, performances, or other non-traditional settings—ideal for project-based learning.

‘Cause let’s be real, here… just putting down an answer isn’t always enough—sometimes students have to show what they know!





“MasteryConnect’s Teacher App with evidence capture has revolutionized mastery learning in my classroom,” says Kelly D’Annolfo, an 8th grade teacher from Highland Middle School in Medina, Ohio. “Having the ability to take photos of student work supports everything we do—from special education to parent-teacher conferences. We are finally able to provide visible, tangible evidence of student learning all in one place.”

This new feature bolsters MasteryConnect’s already robust capabilities, helping teachers to gather in-the-moment formative evidence of student work which can then be effortlessly and instantly shared with parents, teachers, and administrators.

Evidence capture to drive student growth… it’s so good, it’s spooky!

For more information about how to use evidence capture, check out our Help Center article here.


Summer Apps for Teachers

You may have experienced the collective sigh of another school year drawing to a close. After a marathon of year-end testing, classroom cleaning, and general exhaustion, you’re probably more than ready for your summer break. (And they’re still great for year-round educators!)

Whether you spend your summer days gearing up for next year’s lessons or getting out of Dodge with the fam, there’s an app to help you do it smarter. Here’s the list of apps we’re digging this season.


workflowyRoadtrippers (Free)

Plan a road trip that would make Clark Griswald drool. The Roadtrippers app helps you discover the most interesting route to your destination, and points out a slew of awesome sites along the way. Layer your attraction bucket list with your travel preferences, and Roadtrippers will return a plan for the ultimate journey.


evernoteEvernote  (Free)

Evernote works across multiple platforms and devices and helps you manage all of kinds of tasks. Think of it like a digital notebook that you can access anywhere, anywhere. Clip webpages, create text notes, upload files and images, scan papers, receipts, and anything else you may lose track of. Teachers can use Evernote to create lesson plans and schedules, keep track of resources and ideas, and so much more. You can even create shared notebooks for students, colleagues, and parents.


skyguideSky Guide ($2.99)

Spend summer nights stargazing with the Sky Guide, an award-winning, out-of-this world app that lets you explore the cosmos by holding your iPad or iPhone to the sky. Discover new constellations, teach your own kiddos about the stars, or just be amazed by the summer sky.


dropboxDropBox (Free)

If you have a tendency to take your work home with you (ahem), then DropBox is essential. This  cloud storage platform syncs across all of your devices, so you can work from your classroom, home, or summer beachside cabana. You can also use it as backup storage for your favorite vacation photos, your teaching blog, classroom resources, recipes, and more.


fandangoFandango (Free)

Escape the sun by kicking back to watch a summer blockbuster in your local (and air-conditioned) theatre. Check out showtimes, read reviews, and buy tickets right from your phone to bypass the box office line.


productiveProductive-Habit Tracker (Free)

You’ve probably heard the theory that it takes approximately 21 days to form or break a habit. So why not have an app that’ll help you build positive ones? For example, drinking enough water in between homeroom announcements and after-school tutoring programs. Summer’s a great time to embrace some good habits before another busy year. Productive-Habit Tracker helps you build any positive habit you can think, keeping track of your positive-habit ‘streaks’.


packpointPack Point (Free)

With the arrival of summer, you’re probably looking forward to trading teaching days to beaching days. Use the PackPoint app to ensure you have everything you need for maximum R&R. This sleek tool will give you a complete packing list based on your destination, forecasted weather, length of stay, and vacation activities.


workflowyWorkFlowy (Free)

If you like to make lists, outlines, and strategic plans, WorkFlowy is your tool—perfect for planning for next year. It’s simple, clean, and intuitive. Use it to gather resources for next school year or plan the summer of destiny.


graditudeGratitude Journal ($2.99)

Looking to boost your mood after year-end burnout?The Gratitude Journal may help you overcome those intermittent bouts of meh. Use the app to track things you’re grateful for to develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’.


Moostimoosti (Free)

If you find yourself getting easily distracted or procrastinating, Moosti may be for you. It’s a  clean, simple web app that allows you to set a timer for a specified amount of time with scheduled breaks. Have some housework you want to get done in record time? Try ‘sprinting’ for 30 minutes through your task list, and then taking a 10-minute break. When your breaks over, do it again. Lesson planning to do? Do it in sprints, and use Moosti to help keep you motivated.


grocerypalGrocery Pal (Free)

For many, grocery shopping is one of the most dreaded task on their never-ending to-do list, especially when planning a summer campout or backyard BBQ. Make your shopping life easier with Grocery Pal. Keep track of all your needed grocery items, and then find which stores have the best sales and coupons to save a little moula. Less time wandering the aisles, more time doing whatever you want.


back2schoolBack to School Countdown ($1.39)

Get a second-by-second countdown to the first bell of the next school year. This app will help you keep track of how many more days you have to plan the 2016-2017 curriculum–or count the remaining days you can sleep in past six.


pocketPocket (Free)

Summer is the primo time to catch up on your personal reading. Pocket allows you keep track of articles and videos (like this one!) that you’ll want to peruse later–all in one place. Then share your top picks with friends. And if your summer vacation plans take you out of wi-fi range, no problem: You can view your saved items from any device sans internet.


campandrvCamp & RV ($9.99)

Before you set out into the great outdoors, be sure to snag this app that is worth the extra change. Camp & RV gives you a rundown on everything you need to know for roughing it, including 30,000 campgrounds, rest area locations, camper reviews, hikes, and more. Ready, set, adventure!


Tell us about the apps you love for life both in and outside of the classroom on Facebook or Twitter!


Have you seen our apps?

MasteryConnect has a whole collection of apps for educators—and they’re free! Get solutions for formative assessment, track student progress of state standards, or collaborate with 3 million educators who’ve already joined the community. Collect ’em all! And keep an eye out for Socrative PRO, launching this summer.




At MasteryConnect, we think every week should be Teacher Appreciation Week. We are lucky to work with teachers and administrators from around the world! who continually inspire us with their dedication and passion for helping students conquer the world.

But we couldn’t pass up the opportunity during Teacher Appreciation Week to give a GIGANTIC shout out to all the awesome educators doing great things in classrooms every single day. On behalf of the entire MasteryConnect team, THANK YOU!

Meet Other Awesome Educators

Earlier this week on our social pages (are you a fan or follower?!?), we shared video spotlights of two educators, Jenn Robinson and Kevin Rich, who rock our collective socks.

And with the already popular article from Samantha Abercrombie, we also launched our  guest-blogging series written by actual educators to share their front-line tips, best practices, and teaching stories. Keep your eyes on the blog for more upcoming features and articles like these. Exciting things are in the works! 

Get Your FREE Apps!

MasteryConnect has a slew of sleek apps for educators—and they’re free! Get solutions for formative assessment, track student progress of state standards, or collaborate with 3 million educators who’ve already joined the community. You’ll want to collect ’em all. 

Join us at the spectacular Canyons Mountain Resort in beautiful Park City, Utah, home of the Sundance Film Festival.

Register Today!

Keep on Trackin’
The MasteryConnect Team


Join Us at MasteryCon 2014

February 28th, 2014


We’re excited to announce the first annual educational conference devoted entirely to Mastery Learning. MasteryCon 2014 will be held Tuesday, July 15th through Thursday July 17th at the Canyons Resort in
Park City, Utah.

The theme of the first MasteryCon is “Moving to Mastery” and will feature presentations from teachers and administrators implementing MasteryConnect in the classroom and doing the hard work of tracking mastery. Educators like Patrick Coleman, Instructional Coach for Ohio’s Euclid School District; Danielle Sellenriek, Curriculum Director for Missouri’s Willard Public Schools; Garrick Peterson, a former middle school principal from Orem, Utah; and Angeline O’Neal, an 8th grade teacher from Francis Howell in St. Charles, Missouri.

Find out how you could win a trip down an Olympic Bobsled track. Pitch your own session and become a presenter. Plan your trip and get registered today!  Check out all the details on the MasteryCon 2014 page.

Keep on Trackin’
The MasteryConnect Team


We’ve just released some great improvements to bubble sheet creation and printing! The first thing you’ll notice is that bubble sheets now pre-load and are generated faster. You’ll also notice that bubble sheets look a little bit different when you print them.  Don’t worry! they scan exactly the same, and your older bubble sheets you’ve already printed will continue to scan. Updating bubble sheet printing is a first step towards additional improvements we’ll be releasing in the near future. In addition, you can now download your bubble sheets as a pdf and save them for later. Check out the video below for a quick look at the new update, and keep on trackin’!

Pin and Win!

September 11th, 2013

iPadMiniPin your heart out for a chance to win an iPad mini and other great prizes.

Become one of the Top Five Pinners on MasteryConnect by pinning and sharing the most resoures aligned to State, Common Core, and Next Generation Science Standards. The top 5 Resource Pinners on MasteryConnect on September 30th will win!

Contest Runs: August 21 – September 30.

Grand Prize: iPad mini
2nd Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card
4th Prize: MasteryConnect Swag Package
5th Prize: MasteryConnect Swag Package