MS app icon updatedWe heard you loud and clear! Many of you in the MasteryConnect community have requested the ability to take the awesomeness of GradeCam bubble sheet scanning to the iPad. We’re excited to announce the MasteryScan App powered by GradeCam is now available in the iTunes app store.

With the free MasteryScan App, teachers with a Free MasteryConnect account can scan assessments up to 10 questions, and teachers with Premium MasteryConnect accounts can scan up to 100 questions.

Imagine! Your students can take an assessment, and you can walk around and give students immediate feedback right at their own desk! Like our other time-saving scoring tools, scores captured by MasteryScan will instantly and automatically sync with your MasteryConnect account.

Click here to visit the iTunes App Store to download MasteryScan for FREE.  To watch a quick demo, check out the video below:

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