7,000 District Milestone

October 15th, 2012

As of today, MasteryConnect hit the 7,000 districts mark!  MasteryConnect now has teachers from 7,000 districts representing all 50 states and D.C.  There are approximately 14,000 districts in the United States, so today marks a major milestone in the growth of our Learning Community!

When Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan outlined his plan for education several years ago, he discussed the idea of a “next generation of assessments”.  At MasteryConnect, we believe teachers are the most powerful resource for this next generation of assessments.  We’re so excited to see such explosive growth around teachers sharing common formative assessments for both state and Common Core standards.  Thanks to all the educators out there who are taking part in the Mastery Movement!

Keep on Trackin’,
The MasteryConnect Team

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