We're Back

After a not-so-brief posting hiatus, our team has turned our sights to the oft-neglected MasteryConnect blog. We’ve been using our collective noodle to reinvent it, redesign it, and make it approximately 3007% better than it’s ever been.

In the past, our blog was used primarily to communicate company news and feature releases. And, although we’ll still keep you updated on what we are doing around here, let’s be honest, the blog shouldn’t be about us. It should be about YOU.

The new and improved MasteryConnect blog will focus on the amazing work that you and other edu A-listers are doing to drive student outcomes. It’s a place for you to further the discussion around education, find quality content, and connect with other teachers and administrators. Specifics? Here’s 10 of them.

  1. In-depth info on the latest and greatest in the K-12 world, with a special focus on mastery learning, formative assessment, and personalized learning.
  2. Articles and guides with proven, tangible takeaways on data-driven instruction, standards-based grading, PLCs, and more.
  3. Spotlights on other K-12 rockstars and schools that are taking the world by storm.
  4. Tips and tricks sourced from actual users to help you achieve ultimate MasteryConnect wizardry.
  5. Highlights on how teachers and administrators like you are using MasteryConnect in their classrooms and at the district level.
  6. An occasional cat GIF. Maybe (probably).
  7. The skinny on education events around the U S of A.
  8. Ways you can use Socrative, our classroom engagement tool, for even more formative assessment awesomeness.
  9. A curated collection of the best K-12 content from around the world wide web.
  10. Updates on upcoming MasteryConnect features and products and what they mean for you.

We’re committed to giving you quality content that is relevant to you, if you are a MasteryConnect user or not. So, check back regularly for the most recent articles, guides, and more. And cat GIFs. Definitely cat GIFs.

(Don’t worry, you’ll still get product-specific news in our monthly New Stuff digest and in the New Stuff section within MasteryConnect.)

Have feedback or suggested topics? Would you like to contribute an article? We’d love to hear more! Drop us a digital line at blog@masteryconnect.com.