itemBankIconAlong with our new offering of the NWEA Formative Assessment Item Bank, MasteryConnect is pleased to announce the support of technology enhanced items.  The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia describes technology enhanced items as:

“Technology enhanced items (TEI) are computer delivered items that include specialized interactions for collecting response data. These include interactions and responses beyond traditional selected response or constructed response. A TEI template describes a single interaction, response data collected as a result of that interaction, and the logic applied to score the response data.”

So how does it work in MasteryConnect you ask?  MasteryConnect uses the latest in QTI standards for assessment items (more on that here if you’re interested).  This allows us to work with any QTI compliant item bank that is developing these new assessment types.  After purchasing an item bank content provider through MasteryConnect at your school or district, teachers have access to standards-aligned items and can use them when creating new assessments in the same simple assessment creation interface.  Assessments can then be delivered in the same great ways that you’re used to!  On a tablet/mobile device or on a computer through a web browser!  Keep in mind, TEI’s are relatively new, so the item bank providers don’t have very many TEI’s yet, but more are coming soon! Below is a screen shot of a technology enhanced item being delivered on an iPad.

While interactions with TEI’s can get much more complex such as having a student create a line, create a geometric shape, or select a block of text, the sample below shows an interaction of an item type that requires the student to order the answers by dragging and dropping.





Common Core App Update

May 10th, 2013

cc app iconThe MasteryConnect Common Core app now has over 700,000 downloads!  We’ve listened to all the wonderful feedback that educators, parents, and students have provided and we’re excited to announce a major update.  To get the update, go to the App store and hit the updates tab.  If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, search for ‘MasteryConnect’ in your app store to find it.

Here are just a few of the new changes:

  • A completely redesigned interface making it easier to navigate and view standards
  • Search functionality – search for concepts and topics and find related standards
  • Added History/Social Studies and Science and Technical standards
  • More resources – check out the additional appendices and resources now right in the app

In addition to all the new features above, we’ve also updated all the standards with the new labeling conventions that were recently released by the Common Core State Standards Initiative.  To learn more about this change, check out this handy MasteryConnect CCSS Renaming Guide.

The update is only available on Apple devices for now, but we’ll soon be rolling these changes for Android and Windows users as well.  As always, Christie has created a quick video to introduce the new features of the app!  Check out the 1 minute video below:


Dear Teachers,

From all of us at MasteryConnect, we want to say thank you for all that you do.  We recognize the many challenges you face each day and admire your commitment and willingness to make a difference.  We consider it an honor to support you and wish you a wonderful week!

“What great or better gift can we offer the Republic than to teach and instruct our young.” – Cicero

Keep on Trackin’

The MasteryConnect Team