We Still Believe in Love

November 10th, 2011

In her recent Edweek guest post for Rick Hess’ Straight Up blog, Roxanne Elden addresses the issues schools face evaluating technology-based solutions (The Relationship Status of Teachers and Educational Technology: It’s Complicated). Her six points for discussion hit the nail right on the head and mirror the philosophy our company adopted when we set out to create MasteryConnect. As an educator, I understand the complex issues associated with finding solutions that are teacher friendly, cost effective and ultimately improve student outcomes. Even with the best of intentions, finding success in the education space is daunting to say the least.<

We began with three seemingly simple goals:

  • Provide teachers with a tool that would allow them to track student mastery relative to the core standards.
  • Provide teachers access to great teacher created common assessments aligned to the core standards.
  • Allow teachers to connect with each other in a global professional learning community.

In order for us to be successful we knew that the user interface needed to be elegant and simple and so we spent months making it intuitive for users to use and navigate. We worked to create a “freemium” model that would allow all teachers to use MasteryConnect free of charge with quality upgrades that would be affordable to all and allow us to continue to improve our product. We knew we needed to be agile and responsive to the needs of users which has allowed us to quickly evolve in response to user feedback. Most of all we knew that we needed to create a product that would help teachers do their job more efficiently and with better outcomes.

We are educators, parents and unabashed entrepreneurs committed to our founding principles. At MasteryConnect we are driven by a passion to make a difference and we understand that our success will be determined by our ability to connect with those we seek to serve.

Roxanne’s final thoughts:

Deep down, we still believe in love. Sure, we’ve got some trust issues from being burned in the past, but that doesn’t mean we’re nostalgic for the days of clapping erasers and calculating grades by hand. Teachers have had good experiences with technology, too, and we’d love to have more. The good thing about teachers is if you treat us right, we’re loyal, and we’ll tell all our friends how great you are. For now, trying to take it slow doesn’t mean we’re not interested. We just want to know we can rely on you before we introduce you to our kids.

At MasteryConnect, deep down, we still believe in love too.