It’s been a busy week at MasteryConnect. First we launched hundreds of LearnZillion videos….today we launched 1,724 Khan Academy videos – ALL mapped to the Common Core!

We were a bit surprised this week by a post in Edweek written by Catherine Gewertz that articulated the lack of resources out there for Common Core, but failed to mention the tools that are gaining traction quickly. A quick Google search of “Common Core” shows the MasteryConnect app on the first page of results, and the same search shows the app is #1 in both app stores…we’re just sayin’ :). Catherine is really right though, resources are pretty sparse and teachers are struggling to keep up. We’re trying to change that quickly. MasteryConnect is now the largest network of teachers sharing and collaborating around the Common Core. We’re working to integrate more resources like Khan and LearnZillion that help teachers make the transition to the new core. We can’t wait to show you what we have up our sleeve for next Fall as more states roll out full k-12 adoptions of the Common Core standards.

The Khan videos in MasteryConnect are available to both free and premium users and can be found by clicking the “view standard” links throughout the Learning Community and MasteryTracking tools. A couple things to keep in mind as you explore this new resource in MasteryConnect…Khan didn’t make a video for every math standard, so videos in the K-3 grades are pretty sparse. Also, if your district blocks YouTube, you won’t be able to watch the videos at school :(, but you can watch them anywhere else! A shout out to Khan to put the videos up on one of the new video platforms that districts are allowing behind the firewall, might help the adoption inside traditional public schools. We’re excited about bringing more and more Common Core resources to MasteryConnect, and thanks again for being part of our great Learning Community.

Keep on Trackin’…The MasteryConnect Team

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