Trenton Goes to Tinian

September 11th, 2013

In 2009, MasteryConnect began as a radical idea to help teachers focus on mastery learning and share formative assessments tied to standards. Just four short years later, Mastery Connect now includes teachers in over 30,000 schools in 9,000 school districts in 10 different countries, and now the island of Tinian.

MasteryConnect’s Chief Academic Officer, Trenton Goble, recently journeyed to the remote island in the Pacific to train an intrepid group of teachers on how to use live classroom data to impact student performance.  Check out his journey in this short video:

On the way home, Trenton penned the following lines about his experience:

“It was the opportunity of a lifetime. Not only is Tinian a spectacular island with stunning beaches and turquoise lagoons but it has a rich culture and history. Tinian was the site of some of the most dramatic events of World War II history. But by far the highlight of the trip was the people I had the chance to meet.

“Tinians are remarkably generous and accepting. Young and old, working and unemployed, families and single people literally meet for dinner on the beach and share what they have with each other and perfect strangers like me.

“But in other ways, they’re just like the other parents and teachers I meet everywhere I go. They care tremendously for their kids and are very invested in their future success.

“At MasteryConnect, we believe strongly that education is a deeply personal endeavor and its about people. I’ll leave a better person, excited to go back and meet more teachers and more students and continue the work that we do at MasteryConnect.”

3 Responses to “Trenton Goes to Tinian”

  1. Pepe Joe Connoly Says:

    Trenton, Likewise from Tinian. Thanks for coming and giving a most natural, relaxed, and productive introduction to MasteryConnect. I enjoyed meeting you and truly appreciate the perspective you bring to education. It is refreshing for someone who has been in the ed field for more than twenty five years. Come back and have some fresh noni. There’s plenty in my side yard. Joey Connolly

  2. Trenton goble Says:


    I am going to take you up on that offer for some fresh noni! I wanted to thank you for your hospitality…I enjoyed our conversations over pizza and envy your gift for languages. I hope you have fully moved in to your amazing apartment overlooking the ocean and that your school year is going well.

    Wishing you the best,


  3. Tom Petersen Says:

    Congratulations on your trip to Tinian Mr Goble. You were briefly our Principal at Peruvian Park. Amazing that you ended up going to Tinian, we went there in 2010 for the 65th Commemoration of the end of the Second World War. The people, history and diving are amazing!

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