MS app icon updatedWe heard you loud and clear! Many of you in the MasteryConnect community have requested the ability to take the awesomeness of GradeCam bubble sheet scanning to the iPad. We’re excited to announce the MasteryScan App powered by GradeCam is now available in the iTunes app store.

With the free MasteryScan App, teachers with a Free MasteryConnect account can scan assessments up to 10 questions, and teachers with Premium MasteryConnect accounts can scan up to 100 questions.

Imagine! Your students can take an assessment, and you can walk around and give students immediate feedback right at their own desk! Like our other time-saving scoring tools, scores captured by MasteryScan will instantly and automatically sync with your MasteryConnect account.

Click here to visit the iTunes App Store to download MasteryScan for FREE.  To watch a quick demo, check out the video below:

5 Responses to “Announcing the Free MasteryScan App – Scan Bubblesheets With Your iPad!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Do you have any plans to bring this to the iphone or android devices?

  2. Says:

    Hi Jessica! Thanks for your question. In our next release, we plan to expand MasteryScan to include the latest version of the iPhone. We are also looking into making MasteryScan available on Android devices.

  3. Kay Yawn Says:

    Now that Utah’s, and sounds like other states, will no longer have fill in the bubbles for testing, at least on CRTs, how will MC adjust to this? I realize teachers make the tests on MC, but the bubble sheets won’t be helpful except for formative testing. But then, formative testing needs to be in same format as students will be taking for end of year. Just a passing thought after reading article in Tribune.

  4. Says:

    Hi Kay. Thanks for your question. MasteryConnect is designed for all types of formative assessment. True, formative assessment can take on any type including constructive response, oral assessment, writing, multiple choice, and yes, technically-enhanced items. MasteryConnect is architected to handle the new technically-enhanced items as discussed by the State of Utah. Currently, many of these items are still in the development phases by our partners, such as NWEA, that provide item banks. At the end of the day, MasteryConnect is a platform designed to allow teachers to assess and track mastery of standards in any way a teacher sees fit.

  5. Patricia Says:

    I find this new technology fascinating! This will make grading tests so much easier for teachers that take advantage of this. Amazing!

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