On October 10th, we published a blog post announcing 1,000,000 assessments scored in MasteryConnect.  Well, here we are a month and a week later and there are now over 2,000,000 assessments that have been scored through MasteryConnect.  While these numbers show the incredible growth of MasteryConnect, what gets us most excited is what these scores represent Рassessment for learning.

6 Responses to “2,000,000 Assessments Scored in MasteryConnect”

  1. Tory Patterson Says:

    Fantastic milestone! 1,000,000 assessments in 5 weeks is amazing. Congratulations to the Company as well as all the teachers and students impacted by the data!

  2. Kay Yawn Says:

    Sweet :) Congratulations! What one idea and great minds can do together.

  3. Penny Says:

    I am a Kindergarten teacher interested in a tracking and assessment tool I can use with non-readers. Will Mastery Connect be a useful tool?

  4. admin@masteryconnect.com Says:

    Thanks Tory and Kay!

    Penny: We are happy to have a discussion about how MasteryConnect can be used in a kindergarten setting. Please send us an email and let us know in what state you teach.

  5. Penny Says:

    I teach in Fl and I am interested in piloting Mastery Connect in Kindergarten to help me track student progress and keep up with the mounting paperwork of RtI, CCSS, data notebooks, etc… Thanks.

  6. admin@masteryconnect.com Says:

    Hi Penny!

    Thanks for your interest in MasteryConnect! We’ve sent you an email to both your personal and work email addresses to get the conversation started. Thanks again!

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